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Our Solutions

Transform your business based on your job role. Find your job role and find what you offer for your to let you focus on the important value of your function and let us handle the noise for you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!
  • Process invoices smoothly

  • Conduct monthly reconciliation

  • Handle claim processing

  • Manage vendor contracts with ease

Data Analysts

  • Pull out data from your ERP system

  • Clean, filter, sort, and standardize the extracted data

  • Export the result to Excel or convert it into a database script

  • Save this process, set a schedule for repetition, and have the results emailed or sent via SFTP

Connect your SaaS with the world!

  • Build your SaaS service using Connectfy

  • Make your system compatible with others

  • Link your SaaS with our wide range of technology integrations

Real Estate Professionals & Construction Contractors

  • If you're in New Zealand, process your buyer- generated-invoice seamlessly and integrate with your Xero or MyOB account. 

  • Streamline purchase order processing

  • Normalize and standardize product catalogue data

  • Automate the fulfillment process

IT Specialists

  • Connect your ERP, CRM, and DMS systems

  • Monitor the flow of transactions in real-time

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