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Connecting Systems

Transform effortlessly with Connectfy's automation and integration

​Your one-stop solution for effortless and effective process automation, system integrations and data management.

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Why Connectfy

In today's fast-paced business world, it's essential for different data systems to talk to each other smoothly and flexibly. Connectfy's top-notch integration platform does just that - it acts as a superb bridge connecting your business tools like ERPs, CRMs, and DMSs. This allows your business to run more smoothly and efficiently than ever before.

Intelligent Document Processing

Harness the power of advanced data extraction and OCR with Connectfy. As an ABBYY partner, we utilize Vantage - the industry-leading Intelligent Document Processing tool to extract data from Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Forms, and Receipts. Enhance your business processes with ABBYY Vantage and FlexiCapture Automation solutions.

Streamlining Workflows

Experience seamless Accounts Payable Automation, Purchase Order Automation, and Customer Onboarding with M-Files. Our solution minimizes errors and saves time, delivering an intuitive engine for business automation.

Seamless System Integration

Improve operational efficiency by allowing your business systems to communicate in real-time. Connectfy makes it simple with integrations for platforms like MyOB Advanced, Xero, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Data Extraction And Business Intelligence

Tap into the power of your data with Connectfy. Our solution enables you to retrieve and analyze data from systems like Dynamics 365, MyOB, or Xero, driving strategic decision-making.

Integrate your systems with

Choose the subscription that fits you best

Explore our competitive pricing plans, designed to offer you the best value and meet the diverse needs of your business.


Personalised Solutions

Whether you're an IT professional, a data analyst, operations manager, part of the finance team, or a business owner, Connectfy has a suite of solutions designed to make your life easier.

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