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Unveil the transformative power of Connectfy through insightful diagrams, showcasing how it simplifies and enhances your job in multiple ways. Elevate your productivity and embrace a new era of efficient work.

Connectfy Integration Hub

Connectfy assists you in constructing a service bus for your SaaS product, thereby facilitating integration with other systems. This means your SaaS product can readily interface with numerous ERPs, ABBYY products, and MFiles without having to construct individual interfaces for each. Not only does Connectfy broaden the reach of your idea, but it also increases its integration possibilities, amplifying its potential and value in the process.

Connectfy Integration Hub-Page-1.drawio.png

Vantage - MyOB or Vantage - Xero

Connectfy offers seamless integration between ABBYY Vantage and MyOB or Xero on the API level, enabling effortless data transfer and streamlined operations. Our solution makes it possible to leverage Vantage's intelligent document processing capabilities directly in your MyOB and Xero environment, enhancing your business's efficiency and productivity.

Vantage - MyOB-Vantage - M Files - Xero.drawio.png

Vantage to MFiles to ERP

To optimize your business operations, Connectfy offers a comprehensive solution that combines the capabilities of ABBYY Vantage and MFiles. We initiate the process by utilizing Vantage for intelligent document processing and data extraction. This data is then forwarded to MFiles, a platform designed for handling internal approvals and managing workflows. Once the workflow reaches completion, the processed data is then transmitted to your chosen ERP system. This end-to-end solution ensures seamless automation of your business processes, boosting overall efficiency.

Vantage - MFiles - Xero-Vantage - M Files - Xero.drawio (1).png
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